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Interline travel refers to airline employee discounts for travel on airlines other than the airline for whom you work. As an employee of an airline or integrated freight carrier, and as a part of your compensation package, you are eligible to receive deeply reduced rates on travel. To qualify, proof of eligibility such as your airline ID badge and letter of employment on letterhead is required. Flights included in our packages are standby. We typically recommend travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday as flights are usually lighter on these days of the week. It is also recommended to avoid travel around major holidays such as Easter and Christmas as well as major holidays for the country with which you live. Who is eligible?

Airline & Integrated Cargo Carriers Worldwide are Eligible as Follows:

* All active airline employees

* All active integrated cargo carrier employees (think FedEx, UPS Airlines, DHL etc)

* All dependent children up to the age of 24 yrs (must be a full time student from 21 thru 24)

* Spouse of employee

* Domestic Partner of employee (not all airlines)

* Retirees & their spouse & dependent children

* Parents of employees (not all airlines) - May travel without the employee

* Retirees of defunct airlines (TWA, PanAm, Braniff, Aloha, etc) & their spouse (not all airlines)

* Non-airline friend or companion (not all airlines)

Your interline travel benefits are a valuable and important part of your compensation package, but just as important, offers you the opportunity to travel at significantly reduced rates. However, they are of no value to you unless you use them. For more information about interline travel and Open Skies, download "Why Open Skies".

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